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MPORTANT NOTICE: Unless you have purchased the rights or license to an image, (or have personally taken it, in which case you own the rights), we cannot add it. Clip art, logos, and other images from the internet are not always "free" and there can be heavy fines down the road if the source searches for and finds their protected images. (We really have had this happen several times in the past, for images you wouldn't think anyone cared about - but they do, believe me they do! And the image searching apps are becoming more sophisticated every day). So please ensure you have the proper permissions, rights and/or licenses for any images you send. If you have sent any in you are unsure of, it is always better to remove them--although the page may have already been cached/captured for posterity and removing the image does NOT negate your liability. DWMP and GMG Inc is NOT liable if you submit an image that you do not have the rights to.

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Please use DROPBOX to upload large files (videos and images larger than 2MB). Make sure you leave a note on the request that the files were uploaded to Dropbox and then submit Request.